OSCA Committees


Advocacy Committee

Chair: Kylie Lyons

The Advocacy Committee empowers school counselors with knowledge and tools to advocate for appropriate roles, activities, and support with all stakeholders locally and state-wide. The advocacy is not only for the counselors, but also for the students and profession.

Awards Committee

Chair: Lee Acers

Awards Committee will increase OSCA reach by broadening the opportunities for recognition and celebration of school counselors doing great work and those who support the profession.

DEI Committee


The OSCA diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) committee is responsible for developing and promoting strategies and best practices within such realms as racial, social, and gender diversity. The DEI Committee leverages diversity to create awareness, increase cultural competence, and advocate for equitable and inclusive practices so that every student can have a sense of belonging regardless of their background.

Ethics Committee
Chair: Jennifer Sack

The OSCA Ethics Committee will increase accessible means to educate members and facilitate sound decision-making by promoting awareness of ASCA ethical standards and providing concrete examples of conflicts and resolutions to ethical issues.

Finance Committee

Chair: Camron Vonwald

The OSCA Finance Committee provides advice, financial analysis, and oversight of the budget and ensures the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs to fulfill the overarching vision, mission, and goals of the organization.

Governance Committee

Chair: Petra Woodard

The OSCA Governance Committee strives to maintain the organizational integrity and ethical practice by continually reviewing the organization's bylaws and guidelines. Members' voices are integrated into the committee’s review process to ensure that end goals are reviewed and met.

Media Committee

Chair: Amy Whitewater

The Media/Communications Committee will increase member social media engagement by posting regularly about OSCA events and information that is relevant to school counselors.

Membership Committee

Chair: Jenny Clark

The Membership Committee will increase OSCA’s reach to the far corners of the state communicating the benefits of being a part of the association ensuring that every Oklahoma school counselor has knowledge and opportunity to join.

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Alexis Robertson

OSCA will be the go to resource for diverse PD opportunities in all areas of the state that is current, relevant and practical.

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